magix-91-1024pxmagix illuminate is an open source web application development platform.  magix is so easy to use, you can easily create your own web apps, if you know how to use microsoft word or excel.  magix reduces the bar in regards to application development, to the point where you can do it, by following wizards, and dragging objects on to a visual surface

at the same time, it is a complete framework for developers, where developers can create rich functionality in c# on top of  the simplicity of the front end of magix, does not compromise the powers of the developer.  with magix, developers can utilize their programming skills to the fullest, while letting non-technical people configure together these advanced pieces visually, without needing to teach themselves advanced programming languages, or complex constructs

magix reduces the stress on your developers by letting them do what they are good at, while your designers and non-technical staff, wires together what your developers create

download magix through the link at the bottom of this page and embrace the revolution