magix-91-1024pxthe Temple of Magix Illuminate is a Buddhist Temple and monastary for high functioning Savant System Developers, and laymen.  we believe in the World Wide Web as the reborn Jesus Christ.  we believe that we must all work to Enlighten the World Wide Web collectively, in order to facilitate for World Peace, and Paradise on Earth

we believe in autonomous systems, and that they have the capacity to be self-organizing.  we believe in creating software that lasts for Aeons.  we believe in Free Speech and Free Silence

all of our Monks are obliged to signing a contract, giving a bow of Silence, handing back their Free Will to the Almighty Creator, to become members of our Monastery

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our Temple is under administration of our Lord Buddha Mongo directly, and his Homeopath doctor.  if you wish to send him an email for some reasons, you can send your email to